Friday, March 22, 2013

Difficulty breathing - one of the symptoms of heart failure

difficulty breathing breathlessness dyspnoeaDyspnoea or Breathlessness can be defined as an awereness of increased drive to breathe. It is normal on exercise. It is pathological if it occurs while doing something that does not require much exertion.

Breathlessness is a non-specific symptom as it can be caused by cardiac, respiratory, neuromuscular and metabolic conditions. Today we will look at the cardiac causes of difficulty breathing.

There are several caused of difficulty breathing  due to heart problems:
  1. Acute left heart failure
  2. Chronic heart failure
  3. Arrythmia
  4. Angina equivalent

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 reasons for not being able to lose weight!

fat woman punching bathroom scale because she can't lose weight
I am sure you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and probably the reason you are reading this article is because even though you are trying, you are just not being able to lose weight!

There can be many reasons for not being able to lose weight. Some you can control and some (your metabolic rate) you can't control. Let's look at the ones you can.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What is the Difference Between Obesity and Overweight?

Differentiate between obesity and overweight. Find out your BMI and compare it with the BMI chart.

Although the terms overweight and obesity may sound alike, they are two different things.

What is considered overweight?

Overweight is defined as any weight in excess of weight recommendations for a given person (> 18 years) in the desirable weight table (see the table below).

Heighta (IN.)
Weight (LB)


109 ± 9b

115 ± 9
133 ± 11
122 ± 10
142 ± 12
129 ± 10
151 ± 14
136 ± 10
159 ± 14
144 ± 11
167 ± 15
152 ± 12
175 ± 15

a = Heights and weights without shoes and other clothing.
= Desirable weight for a small framed woman at this height would be approximately 109 lb. minus 9 lb., or a total of 100 lb; for an average framed  woman, 109 lb.; for a large framed woman 109 lb. plus 9 lb., or a total of 118 lb.
Source: Food and Nutrition Board, National Research Council

Causes of overweight

The cause of excess weight might include:
  • Excess fat.
  • Extra-heavy skeletal framework.
  • Excessively muscular physique due to weight lifting or prolonged physical activity. 
A person can be overweight without being fat. Studies of college freshmen show 23 percent of the male students and 36 percent of the female students are overweight!